A cold feeling of shock gripped me as I stared

  • A cold feeling of shock gripped me as I stared at the splintered, shattered wood of my front door.
  • I could smell the pugnent aroma of something that reminded me of soured onions and spoiled kraut coming from the other side of the entrance.
  • That entrance led to Polish Town. It was an amusement park...sort of. There was Nazi Occupation land. There was Sausage-berg. You could be fat and
  • die of sauerkraut-clogged arteries, but you'd die happy at this park! Like the jingle says, the rides here "Warsow" great that they
  • made you pee your pants. But enough about jingles and sauerkraut, the park needed to be weeded. The men in green unleashed their weed whackers and begged the garden gods to
  • make this an easy job. The last thing they wanted was to have overgrown dandelions practically attack them with their ridiculous size. They sighed and proceeded to do what they had
  • to. As much as teachers hate having students, because they hate babysitting, even though minors are in their custody 8 hours a day, they decided to weed the giant dandelions.
  • The giant dandelions gave the six-year-olds all they could handle. The flowers' scent was knocking kids out left and right. Miss J was catching fainting students while trying to
  • hold her breath. She then deposited the children in a big slumbering heap at the end of the schoolyard. "Ah, now time to finish my book, " she said, striding back to her office.
  • Mrs Sandman sat down hammering out their dreams on the pearly keys of her old typewriter & hit the return key with a cling just as the sand ran down. They had the strangest dreams.


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