Tiffany put on her hot red dress & favorite

  • Tiffany put on her hot red dress & favorite perfume. She was so excited about their Valentine's day date, but when Brad took her to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn
  • she was more than disappointed. Tiffany stood on the walkway above a roiling bed of fetid-smelling water and frowned. She was horribly overdressed for such a squalid affair. "Brad
  • Pitt was a good man," Tiffany sobbed as she stood over the water bed. "What a horrible way to go." Rev. Al Sharpton gave a stirring eulogy, while Angie and the kids performed
  • monologues from different Broadway classics. Al Sharpton loved broadway. The big drama, fancy dress. He could project his voice there without being accused of being
  • a loudmouthed pundit. Of course, what he really wanted was to dance like the dirrrrty girls in the seedier theatres in town. "Ooh yeah, baby!" Al Sharpton caressed his mountainous
  • mountains. The globe which he had fashioned from neighborhood garbage was verisimilar enough to render the fantasy real, especially once he had inhaled the vapors from
  • his deviated nostrils. He had a past drug problem. The vapors he was inhaling were worse than an ogre's fart, he didn't know what to do, so he
  • Had to get off the bus before his house. So he put on perfume and pretended he had no sense of smell. The odour police nonetheless caught up with him. Sergeant Pepper saif., "Whoa
  • there lad." The odour police took a whiff of him. "He's clean Sgt. Pepper." said the deputy. "You wouldn't have happened to see a stinky cat would you? He goes by the name Elvis"
  • "Uh..." said he, the police became suspicious of him. He dropped something from his hand, the police saw a swarm of stink bugs! Police scattered but it was too late! They succumbed


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