The paper football sailed forth making a

  • The paper football sailed forth making a trajectory to the back of Professor Moriarty's head. He stopped for a moment and caught it in midair. "Really? World domination? Hello?"
  • read the note scrawled on the slightly wet balled up paper. Prof. Moriarty scowled at his maths class. Who could be the culprit? None had the intellectual power to deduce his plans
  • what the deuce? Prof. Moriarty thought. Someone knocked on the classroom door. It was a pizza delivery guy. Moriarty's student, Jeff Spicoli smiled, "Right here dude."
  • "That'll be," he was cut off. "Jeff Spicoli! How many times do I have to tell you!" Jeff closed his eyes and smiled while pulling out his wallet, girnning like a
  • cat who found out how to use the can opener. Tuna anyone? Spicoli pulled out his wallet and slapped down his Dad's credit card. "That's right. The old man said to go ahead and
  • buy the whole surfboard shop!" Spicoli grinned from sea to shining sea. "You can't pay for a shop with credit card," the annoyed clerk replied, "and besides: this is Saks."
  • "What does that have to do with anything?" questioned Sak. The clerk sighed, "Saks is a sacred surfboard shop, we believe that using a credit card is against God's will." The shop
  • Then took dollops for currency in exchange for a fur coat costing £700. It took forever to count them. But the sale finally went through. It took hours, it seemed. Sak got a mink
  • driving jacket and the minks' estate got half the money, which would go a long way to keep their children off the streets and out of the hunters' crosshairs. The hares were cross
  • and hairy. Mostly when off the grid. Cross and hairy hares no longer in hunters' crosshairs were adopted by a local aupair and they all went to the university career fair.


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