Her breath, smokey with condensation, cut

  • Her breath, smokey with condensation, cut through the air like
  • you would expect after eating so many garlic chips in under one minute. She asked me for gum and I gave her
  • an informational packet about the negative long-term effects of artificial sweeteners. Unamused, she decided to
  • go for the real stuff. She poured the simple syrup into her iced coffee, stirred in some milk and looked up to see
  • an old man was looking at her boobs. She quickly covered them with her purse and screamed. A man nearby rushed in and
  • much to her chagrin also proceeded to stare at her boobs...or so she thought. Soon the man saw the T-Rex
  • approaching quickly, with its baby arms and razor-sharp teeth. However, it was distracted by the eyes of a bush baby, so
  • he tried looking up the ™ symbol on an ipad... He failed miserably!
  • "BOO-YAH"! said the homeless man as he passed. If only he could
  • see how I was really living. The lies, the deceit, he would probably stay in that dumpster.


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