Today was a great day with the bae! It was

  • Today was a great day with the bae! It was totally rockin!
  • She took me on the most amazing adventure ever! We went to so many places, it was unbelievable. She treated me to treated me to dinner afterwards. We're the perfect lesbian couple!
  • ..... Or so I'd thought. At that moment, she said "You're a GREAT friend" and my soul nearly sunk out of my body.n
  • Then she added, "And because you're such a great friend, I want you to babysit my cat while I'm away in London." Boy, this just keeps getting better and better. You see, her cat
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  • I pressed 'send'. The reply came back: 'I see your html lessons are going well'. Alas, I thought, Margery didn't
  • In two days tomorrow will be yesterday and it has something to do with everything.
  • I knew it had to do wit somethingsomething something the doctor's kept telling me that I was insaneinsane insbut they're wrong totally wrong I'm sane I know I am why would I
  • spend 100 dollars a month on the gym and never work out? Can you answer me that slappyjack?
  • The slappyjack sandwich did not respond. "MAYBE I MUST SPEAK LOUDER." I shouted in all caps. I bellowed as I shoved the sammich in my maw and chewed thusly. "ARGFH MARPF SHMAP."


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