This is a message saying that the government

  • This is a message saying that the government has NOT been taken over by mutant moth men from outer space. That will be all.
  • The voice sounded distinctively mothman like.I shivered in my silky PJs.Bombyx among us? The thought of our country's leadership spiraling into a burning flame galvanized me to act
  • quickly and decisively. With protest songs playing in the background, I took to social media. Dropping f-bombs wasn't usually my style, but the Cheetoh in charge deserved worse.
  • A bunch of commited volunteers set out to make something more powerful than the f-bomb. They were called the G-Bomb Working Group. With a name like that, even the pre-Cheetoh FBI w
  • would have known that it had to be Good. So they left it alone to continue to do whatever it was the G-Bomb Working Group might be doing but most definitely didn't interest the FBI
  • . Divested of FBI supervision, the G-Bomb Working Group was having a blast. Three such blasts sufficed to level several Washington DC neighborhoods, & resparked the FBI's interest.
  • The reason for this was that the shock wave from these blasts had jarred the microwave in the FBI break room, causing Jeff's re-heating sandwich to ignite. He decided to investigat
  • E the accident. He never nuked food again.December 22nd, two days after the first folder activated the system, the eighth folder pushed the blue tetracular knob next to the red one
  • and a moment later, a questing office-worker found a copy of "Lesser Magic" by Adelfo Malliard in a used bookstore. On the brisk morning of Dec 23rd, she invoked The Tenth Folder,
  • Gibber, who didn't show up until that night to finish 9 fold stories due to being busy all day getting not much of anything done. The office-worker peered at Gibber expectantly…


  1. BlastedHeath Dec 27 2017 @ 16:43

    The eleventh fold is always ineffable.

  2. BlastedHeath Dec 27 2017 @ 16:44

    Now that I've read it, I think this is one for the X-Files.

  3. LordVacuity Dec 28 2017 @ 00:51

    But, if it is true that the eleventh fold is always ineffable, then doesn't knowing that make is somewhat effable?

  4. LordVacuity Dec 28 2017 @ 00:55

    I would put this one in Category K: The place for everything that doesn't belong in this place. If it belongs then it doesn't belong meaning that it does belong, which in turn, means it doesn't.

  5. Gibber Dec 28 2017 @ 01:17

    The act of knowing it is ineffable is like removing a thin film of dross from its ineffableness.

  6. LordVacuity Dec 28 2017 @ 01:23

    But I am telling you, that ineffable is damn sure effable. I would eff the ineffable until the cows came home if I was given a chance.

  7. Gibber Dec 28 2017 @ 01:31

    In other words, the parts that can be described or expressed float to the top because they are immiscible with the true ineffability, and are removed by cognizance of them.

  8. IceSquad Dec 28 2017 @ 01:34

    Ineff said.

  9. LunaSta Jan 22 2018 @ 03:40

    I want to know what happened about the supposed moth invasion. o.o

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