Jumping up quickly after the blast, he couldn't

  • Jumping up quickly after the blast, he couldn't believe his eyes. There was nothing left. Just ten seconds ago he had been enjoying
  • a wonderful cup of Starbucks coffee. Looking around he wondered just who the hell would blow up a Starbucks in the first place.
  • Then he spotted her. The girl with kaleidoscope eyes. He had heard about her once in a song, but here she was.... looking? at him. Was she responsible or was I
  • delusional? Probably the latter. She hadn't done much aside from stare at me like there wasn't anything there. Perhaps she was blind. I asked myself, who cares, and walked over
  • to the bar. "What's up with that chick?" I asked the bartender. "She stupid or somethin?" I didn't even have time to react before I was on the ground staring up at the most
  • Ugly man I had ever seen. He was fat, had sweat stains on his face, a oddly shaped mustache, and was looking at me as if I was his son. I had no idea who he was until
  • I remembered that I met him at a really bad party when I was in college in which he got drunk and threw up on my shirt. I tried to ignore him but he came over and said
  • "You were the first girl I ever puked on, but you have to admit that cherry is really not your color." I remembered that I had been wearing
  • my mother's wedding dress. Sure, it looked silly now, especially with the red stain, but at the time it made sense. I looked up from my soiled dress to study the face before me.
  • The mock terror flashed an instant of satisfaction. A swift axe kick to the groin and my heels met the floor once again; but baptized in the blood of my enemy. All regrets faded.


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