“How do you know where I was. Were you

  • “How do you know where I was. Were you stalking me?”Luke asked. “Boys make a lot of sounds like a lovesick Minotaur!”Thalia laughed.
  • "Careful" Luke said, "Or i'll turn you back into a tree again!" He laughed. Thalia was furious, she
  • was still bearing a grudge against Luke for burning her pancakes in the morning, and now he was giving her orders to show off his manhood!? No! Thalia pulled the lightsaber from Lu
  • ke's belt before throwing Luke a spare lightsaber from the garage and having their droid play some orchestral fight music. They both needed to work off some frustration and anger.
  • The moon was full, so many locals stayed home to avoid the endemic lunacy. It was all Hollywood magick, they knew. The critics waited for Luke to return. They were ready to write
  • . George Lucus leaned back in his chair. "Just spitballing here, how 'bout Luke is a were-Wookiee? Chewbacca could be his half-brother and he changes when he sees the Death Star."
  • Corman was all over it. ".. and Darth Vader is a vampire, Yoda is a gremlin. We could replace C3PO & R2D2 by the tin woodsman & a christinesque possessed vacuum cleaner?" Lucus
  • dry heaved over his box of Cheezits. "No, no, no!" Lucas cried, " You people are destroying the Star Wars franchise! I don't want Brittany Spears to play Darth's mother! And that
  • is why I am now locked in my bunker loaded for Blegins or Fett to break down my door. Since I felt 3 ships land, that meant there was a 3rd bounty hunter out there. Her cloaking wa
  • rdrobe device was there just to throw me off. It almost worked. My grip slipped and she nearly pushed open the door. So please, if you're reading this, send help. Thanx in advance!


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    Chaz, you kill me. (But I get better.)

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