Within the depths of the ocean on the sea

  • Within the depths of the ocean on the sea board floor is where it sat. Guarded by skeletons once riddled with scabies and Black Plague, it is said to be the
  • lost ship of Blackbeard. She would continue diving until she at least found the outer shell. After that, she would have to return to refill her tank and grab the underwater camera
  • but she never returned. She found the wreckage when an eel snaked into a hole in a barnacle encrusted 'hillside'. Blackbeard & his brides floated in the gloom of the ships hull.
  • They were trying to decide if the intrusive young lady would disturb their final resting place after all.
  • But, alas, it did no good. This young lady was too slippery to be let loose again. They had to stop her now, or else the whole universe could be in danger. Steve grabbed his
  • ..uh...well, his thing. He just grabbed it. LIke everyone was watching and everything but he didn't even care. He just freaking reached in and pulled it up like it was no big deal.
  • This is how you play the crane game in the waiting area of the IHOP if you really want a troll doll thought the saavy latino toddler.
  • But the toddlers surmise wasn't right and he ended up getting in a huge mess, with ghosts walking alongside it wasn't easy for him to greet people, so he stared into the sun and
  • went blind. So, he learned to play the Kazoo and played on street corners for money. He raised enough money to have a corneal transplant, and he had enough money left over to buy
  • an air horn AND a cowbell. His one-man street band was now free to roam.


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