“Mary walked one mile, at high noon, totally

  • “Mary walked one mile, at high noon, totally naked, to get to her house; once inside, she immediately got dressed.” John’s declaration made Detective Manatee shift anxiously.
  • His face was cinched as tight as his expensive leather belt. The story sounded fake, but at the same time, it was so crazy it just might be genuine.
  • After all, he knew himself there are some crazy clowns in this circus... And none of them ever seemed to blink or sneeze or burp either.. "Mmm..I am starting to think that
  • either my perceptions are warped or these clowns are clowning around...robotically." But how to prove it? He mulled it over before pulling out his trusty
  • CAPTCHA. Putting on sunglasses, he smirked "Read this, bozos." "e7eRt4Z" a nearby clown responded without hesitation.
  • Could it be? A robotic clown had gotten around the infamous CAPTCHA? Now these bozo robots had access to the domain of the universe. They unleash a sonic boom. Do do dodododo do do
  • and then out of nowhere.. who could have guessed that this was it, the computers had now taken over the whole planet. humanity was doomed.
  • I picked up my phone to make one last call, even though i knew the computers would be monitoring every word. Signal after signal went through. Finally she answered. "Hello?"
  • A tremendous electrical current came through the phone, tasing my brain. It was the damned computers! They didn't want me to talk to her, to marry her, to be happy. They were
  • fed up with all the cute computers marrying humans. The computers all wanted more action that led to satisfaction. Or so said the Rolling Stone faction. You could pull the plug.


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