"I moved to L.A. because people are much

  • "I moved to L.A. because people are much better looking, don't talk about politics, and don't try to convince you to install a low flush toilets, become vegan, or
  • kiss you on the lips." My job at the L.A. Touristiky Offizio had lasted 2 days and I hadn't got the sack even once. "Don't drink the water, interact with the natives or drive with
  • illegal drugs in your system, or a dead body in the trunk. And don't, under any circumstances, get romantically involved with any of your new co-workers." It was good advice, but
  • the fact was, I already had a dead body in my trunk...the body of my boss, with whom I had done illegal drugs...with whom I had fallen in love with. I had broken ALL the rules.
  • "Can't sorry; the trunk's full. That is, I'm helping my sister move." Ever been north of the city? Lovely place to visit. Great place to dump a body. She smiled at the thought.
  • She knew exactly how many bodies were buried north of the city. And she was hoping to add to the collection real soon. But first she had to unload this trunkload of her sister's
  • homemade jewelry. Her sis really needed to cut down on crafts. After her death, towers of jewelry had been left in the loft to clean up. It took time away from her murdering gig
  • & she still had 4 names to cross from her little black book. It was what seemed like another ice cream and Girls evening when she pulled out a garnet pendant, that was engraved wi
  • th the initials of her dead lover. He had been gone for long, that she had trouble remembering his face and voice. All she could remember now was the way he used to
  • fondle the flowers.


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