The phone's piercing ring shattered Josh

  • The phone's piercing ring shattered Josh Robler's peaceful rest. His now bulging eyes belied the weariness that was trying to drag him back down. But once he picked up the phone,
  • no one answered. He checked the screen, and it was his wife... who was laying beside him? Finding the situation bizarre and eerie, he decided to go back to sleep, but then realized
  • he really couldn't when there was a TWO TON BLACK LIZARD WITH FIRE RED EYES lying beside him with drool dripping out of its mouth! He squeezed his eyes shut. "A nightmare. This is
  • a nightmare!" screamed Freddie Kruger. He woke up, sweat pouring off his latest victim that he had just killed. He smiled, "oh good-" but the two ton black lizard was back!
  • Three years later, the Lizard King himself resurfaced and announced his arrival on social media. Freddie Krueger was himself a worshipper and had his own facebook page, followed by
  • Jason, Hannibal Lector, and the three stooges who confused the warning note not to attend this soiree as an invitation to give a speech on home antics. What a mess, Larry
  • tore his sparse hair out in tufts and Hannibal Lector boiled it up as spaghetti and served it with a sauce made of Moe's toes and fried Curly tenders. Jason's mask melted when
  • it was all smother in Manny, Moe, & Jack gravy. There was also a Clic & Clac cake but it turned out to be another lie that they fed us instead. We washed it all down, even the figh
  • t in us had gone...washed away like so many Listerine dreams and marmalade skies. "Toast points." A voice intoned. "What?" Another voice was heard. "You meant marmalade and toast p
  • oints. You can get than on Amazon, you know. They sell everything there these days," tapping away at their mobile, adding that particular concoction to their public Wishlist.


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