Music floated through the grand double doors.

  • Music floated through the grand double doors. Through the glass windows Elena could see the many layers of twirling satin and sparking jewelry as women with flushed cheeks spun...
  • " The psychiatrist reached over to poke his patient's shoulder. "Marty, you're drifting off again." Marty snapped back to reality. "Oh, yeah, sorry. Anyway, satin, jewelry, women,
  • donuts." Marty's eyes clouded over & he drooled at the thought. His psychiatrist decided to do a little experiment. He pulled out a box of Krispy Kremes & put it in front of Marty.
  • It was his last mistake. Marty's eyes popped out of his sockets like two donut holes, his mouth expanded like a groupers. He swallowed the box of Krispy Kremes, the gnomelike docto
  • r realizing what had been wrong with the patient all along: the man had in fact been sexually assaulted by an albino kangaroo. Putting his coat on, he knew what to do.
  • The local zoologist who lived nearby was a friend of his wife. He caught a taxi to the flat the man lived in and knocked on the door. He held up the x-ray as proof.
  • that the guy really did have a stick up his ass. Isn't that painful? the zoologist asked the guy. The man stood ramrod straight and said Sir, I have no idea what you mean
  • people are implying, but I have to have this stick up my bum because I was born an invertebrate in a vertebrate's world!" The zoologist felt just awful about insulting the guy.
  • To show repentance and as an act of solidarity the zoologist also stuck a stick up his own ass to the height of his kidneys. He might have punctured the left one. He is also paraly
  • zed from the nose up, with each of his eyes looking opposite ways. "I'm terribly sorry," he apologized. "All of this was my own damn fault." He was forgiven & everyone hugged.


  1. Woab Jun 08 2018 @ 16:50

    Aw, I love a happy ending.

  2. pinky Jun 09 2018 @ 07:53

    Oh dear, 4am, eyes glazed over - just trying to catch up on my email (a story you folded...) i'm reading...then out of nowhere a chuckle turns to a chortley guffaw! Thanks you guys, my lazy snoring dog needed waking up...he was totally hogging the bed!

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