She was Catholic but she was totally Jewish

  • She was Catholic but she was totally Jewish in spirit. She'd even
  • visited some other temples from various creeds.Mormon,Jeova's Witness,Umbanda,Quimbanda,Voodoo...Nothing did it for her!She needed that Menorah like
  • Hubbard needed a good laugh. She lit the Menorah every day of the year. Hanukkah be damned. It was always so dark here in the northern territories. She would sit and pray for
  • a better looking candle delivery guy next time. "No use wishing for a hunky pool boy up here in the frozen north", she would've giggled, but then realized she wasn't alone.
  • The Yeti had left his cell and was eyeing the candle delivery guy, or was it the candle? The candle delivery guy, let's call him Carl for short, became nervous so she
  • accidentally fed the Queen's baby to the Pit Beast from Sims Medieval. Or so it appeared. The worm-like creature sated, she brought the candle near to the suspicious yeti still
  • hiding in the corner. It saw what happened to the Queen's baby, and though it couldn't speak, it would recognize me, the pathetic hero who never was. I needed to find a way to
  • disguise myself from its gaze to hide my shame and my determination not to meet the same fate as the Queen's baby. This meant I had to
  • once again don a wimple, keep my eyes downcast & my lips carefully pursed, assuming the alter-ego I had so long ago previously discarded. That's right, I emerged as Sister Nubbins
  • of the Holy Order of Lustythoughts. My secrets would be safe for the time being. I would bide my time until the moment was ripe to reveal myself to the world once again.


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