I was on my way to school when i noticed

  • I was on my way to school when i noticed that i had forgotten what i needed. I started walking back home and i saw something in the woods. i went to investigate it and saw that it
  • was an old car. I was not sure what to think of this. I decieded to see if it would still run. So i got in and the keys were sitting in the front seat.I put them in and it
  • started to work. I can feel the engine shaking though so with this being the only car I had at the time I drove to an auto shop to get a new engine when something laying down dying
  • asked me if I knew were the bathroom was. I immediatly got a poker face and drove off, leaving him in the dust and cold, dark autoshop. I went to autozone instead and bought some
  • stuff for the party this friday. i plan on coming fashionably late however cause the party dont start till i walk in. when its time to leave ill walk it out and 2step it right out
  • then I tap it out son!
  • Smokey was giving his son one of those moralizing anti-smoking talks again. Junior rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me." 2 hrs later,Jr. sniffed at a Humidor the nice gent
  • leman with the funny hat had left on the dresser. Junior knew he shouldn't but he found himself swiping a cigar. It looked tampered with, and had green stuff poking out the ends.
  • He sniffed it, but couldn't make out if he was smelling the smelly socks on the floor or the green stuff in the cigar. He shrugged and lit up. Junior's eyes widened instantly and
  • all his aesthetic or ethical sense flooding out of his body. He smelled worse than the socks, tried to steal money from Home Depot, and let his house rot in disrepair. Ah, drugs.


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