When my friend Caroline asked if I wanted

  • When my friend Caroline asked if I wanted to go see the Three Penny Opera I thought "Wow, what a bargain!". Was I mad when we got to the theatre and found what it really
  • was about. Three Pennies. Seriously?! Just 3 freaking pennies on a stage w/some lighting. I looked at Caroline who was rambling about the artistic value. At this point, I didnt
  • care if I was the only one who found it funny that Caroline has previously turned down my idea of putting on The Three Penny Opera, and now I find three pennies on the stage.
  • I snuck them into my pocket when no one was looking. You know how much 3 pennies fetches on the open market? 3 thoughts, that's how much. Sans its 3 dead Lincolns, the Opera bombed
  • and I was once again out of a job. I had no skills whatsoever, except for singing opera. I resorted to becoming a street performer right outside Carnegie Hall, wearing my
  • welcome all the out right of the bat by singing a hip-hop version of Phantom of the Opera. The local hobos worked as a team to drive me away from Carnegie Hall. I managed to
  • convey my plans to create an off-Broadway production. We'd combine the drumming of Stomp with Phantom's costumes, and the choreography of Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana. It could work.
  • But producing an off-Broadway show was no easy task especially with lawsuits starting to roll in from the other shows we were plagiarizing. The guys from Stomp were particularly me
  • ticulous about their trash cans.So no one else will ever be allowed to make good use of such amazing object because Stomp thought of it first?The Smurfs never said a word when Blue
  • coloring filled in the face of Stomp's frontman. They thought he was becoming one of them. In reality, he just shouldn't have tried to swallow that flowerpot.


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