His mind was wandering as their footsteps

  • His mind was wandering as their footsteps echoed on the metal catwalks.
  • "How can cats walking be so noisy?" There were some titters from the Himalayan & the Angora. With all that racket, it'll be a wonder if Pasha doesn't wake thought Kinsky Miawrinsky
  • There was another loud stomp and then Pasha did wake up. "Kitties, that's enough," warned Kinsky. "Stop with the noise-making, or you'll lose your bubble wrap privileges!"
  • No one wanted to lose bubble wrap privileges. After all, there was so little in life to love and the bubble wrap scrounged from the dumpster behind the carpet factory was about it.
  • Due to factory accident last year, Hamish was the first to be given bubble wrap popping privilege security, yet many thought it was wasted on him, since he could only pop with one
  • mangled hand. Hamish great felt a sense of relief with each pop of the bubble wrap. At night he would dream of a warehouse full of bubble wrap and being told he could pop them
  • His dreams always turned on him though. They went from a bubble wrap popping fantasy, to something a lot darker. His relief quickly dissipated when he remembered this fact. Pop.
  • the bubble wrap quickly started popping all throughout the factory, the bubble wrap popping man appeared ready to kill hopes and dreams all the children.
  • It was a race against time in the factory. The children struggled to extract as much joy from popping bubble wrap as they could before the bubble wrap popping man ruined it all.
  • The bubble wrap was suddenly snatched away. "Such is life!" He gurgled before scuttling back to Wall Street. The children cried to no avail & their creativity ceased to exist.


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