The Geriatric Four was down to three again

  • The Geriatric Four was down to three again and interviewing for a fourth team member. Flatumaster leaned over and asked Hotflash, "So what's his superpower?". "He calls himself, "
  • Viagraman. He can wave his hand and give any geriatric old fool a four hour boner. They die in five hours if they don't call 911. The Geriatric three cried "We are four again" join
  • -ing together to fight impotence and sexual dysfunctions which threaten to wipe out the sex lives of men and women alike, we pledge to put a stop to the madness.
  • So we sent the greatest life coach from our planet to earth to spread the life saving knowledge. She encountered a media executive, who stole her act, hired Susan Powter and
  • none of this phased her. Why would it? She was from beyond.
  • From beyond the beyond, even--way out past the village where Beyonce played the street as a child. But, as Beyonce will vouch, being from the beyond has its drawbacks. For one
  • it seemed to attract werewolves at night. It was the only village in Minnesota where this was a recurring nightly event. Every night we would appoint new anti-werewolve guards, to
  • protect the live stock. It was only when Olaf brought his dog's squeak squirrel did we realize that the were-wolves had the behavior of overgrown puppies. Next night, we brought
  • Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, to get the were-wolves under control. His came prepared with night vision goggles, a spray bottle full of wolfsbane and a DVD of The Wolf Man
  • to chuck at the werewolves when they attacked. That night there was a brutal showdown where the werewolves were systematically stripped of all their pride and dignity.


  1. BlastedHeath Mar 11 2012 @ 18:41

    Sorry about my lame fold -- but the rest of it is great!

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