The scientist locked the Gamma Ray's target

  • The scientist locked the Gamma Ray's target on the fish. This was the last phase of his research. He pulled the trigger just as his Cat jumped on the fish. The Gamma Ray fused
  • the DNA of the cat with that of the fish creating an abomination this world could have done without: Hulk Catfish!. When Dr.Canner's cat got angry it hissed & grew enormous barbels
  • where his front legs used to be. Whiskers melted to become a mask of thick fur, resembling the mustache of Wilfred Brimley. His tail lengthened and protruded spikes, much like a
  • bracelet recently purchased from a former punk rock legend. Matching accessories is key to increasing invitations for the next big jam session. Without a coordinating set of
  • punkified accessories, a girl could scream, though this wasn't just your typical run-of-the-mill girl you might see at your in-the-middle-of-nowhere supermarket; no, this was Madon
  • Na shopping, just like the average person. She bought vegetarian foods, mostly. Nowadays, she ate little red meat and chicken. She did enjoy coq au vin, using her mum's recipe.
  • Didn't enjoy it, otherwise. Her mum's recipe was traditional and recognized the role of the blood as an ingredient. So many witches these days were lazy. Using canned eye newt?!
  • Everybody knows that eye newts are bred for their multiple eyes and that really dilutes a brew's strength. That's why I always use powdered. That way I can control the intensity.
  • My gaseous potion was complete newt eye powder and all. Soon all the worlds leaders would gather at the UN and drink it mixed with martinis. They would lift into the sky like
  • , well, gas. They'll float through the atmosphere and into outer space. "This potion is going to be out of this world!" I cackled. What a brilliant plan to dominate the world.


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