Hello test

  • Hello test
  • "Jimmy, stop talking to the test & take it," said his teacher. Jimmy didn't speak to people, only to paper products. When he was 4 his mother had locked him in a closet with a roll
  • in a paper bag, which Jimmy folded into a crowbar to escape the closet. Since he would only speak to paper products, his parents would wrap themselves in toilet paper
  • And spend the day with him. They convinced 2 of his friends to wear paperbags to keep his social life healthy. Jimmy's case is rare. The fact that he only talks to paper products
  • makes Jimmy one of only two recorded papyrustics in the world. The first one had died from paper cuts when she had tried to marry a paper plate. Jimmy's paper-covered pals tried to
  • bring him into the fold, literally. They folded him into a napkin, an envelope and then a story. But despite his love of paper he could not become it. So he went to the source the
  • Pulp. He swam in it until the bleaching process irritated his skin while turning it white. He climbed into a white suit with a white top hat and they called him the Paper. His blog
  • Was titled The Paper Man and had 2,576 followers at WordPress.com. It ran out of bytes and ended up being merged into a notebook titled Treeman. This began a new era in blogging
  • Speaking of running out of memory. What is 60466176? It's the maximum number of folds this site can allow in its current configuration. Each fold is identified by 5 alphanumeric
  • characters, which are 8 bytes each. so thats 40 bytes per fold..carry the 9..but thats only 2.4 GB! My phone has 10 times that much. its settled, donate your phone to folding story


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