Sunni Mitchem decided she was going to go

  • Sunni Mitchem decided she was going to go for a walk. She threw her golden hair up in a bun, put on her new sneakers, and took off in the autumn breeze. Everything was going well,
  • until she realized that the leaves were not changing colors of they often do, but instead were changing shape. Sunni, mildly concerned, picked up her pace to a brisk trot and
  • tried to dodge the twisting, changing forms of the leaves that were falling from above her. Sunni quickly realised that
  • it was a losing fight. No matter how hard she tried, Sunni's reflexes simply weren't fast enough. And she'd grown up believing she was destined to be a ninja...
  • But Sunni was starting lose faith in herself and her destiny to be a ninja for all she did was fail. Her whole family told her that being a ninja meant...
  • Not having to believe all the rubbish in the Times and going out in the rain.
  • He regretted, however, having tossed The Times onto the rubbish heap. It might have kept his head dry as he now made his way down the street through the torrent. A woman with an
  • antipathy to all things antipodal, having seen him in the rain and thinking he looked like the man from Snowy River, reported his slinking around in the rain to the police. Parking
  • warden Schlomo Solanzski Rimshot O'Neill had thought to himself how quiet the beat was tonight. Somebody had left the cake out in the rain.
  • Schlomo picked up the wet cake box. He looked around something in the dark. He took a step forward felt a slight pressure in the middle of his forehead and then he fell down dead.


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