I recoiled from myself. I fled down dark

  • I recoiled from myself. I fled down dark alleys with dimly sputtering exit signs and dead ends at every turn. I couldn't run far and fast enough, but to my greater horror, wherever
  • stopped to catch my breath was closer to the place I was trying to flee & could feel the unspeakable presence was nearer. I imagined its many eyes shimmered like a cloud of insects
  • around a rotting body, which made me think about death more, so I stopped imagining it.
  • Gee...is it stuffy in here? I tried sitting up, but BONK! What the?? I reached over to turn on my bedside lamp. My hand hit a hard surface& it felt like it was covered in...satin?!
  • Terrified by my entombment, it dawned on me I was lying on something soft and human-like - yet cold. It felt as though a pair of crossed arms rested beneath the hollow of my back.
  • I turned around to see I was lying on a corpse, and the realization I was stuck in a coffin started to come out. I screamed, but no one could hear. This cannot be how I die
  • In the era of robots taking over everything.
  • That was it. With no other info I had to assume robots had taken over. They clearly didn't know how to play this game so probably couldn't play any game. I'd flush em out that way
  • -- challenge them to chess, checkers, poker. They'd smugly accept, but their inability to play games would make their robot brains explode. I'd terminate their insurrection.
  • And that is how I would defeat an alien invasion." Gazing at the clock, I see the minute-hand sneak past 30, the hour-hand sitting between 11 and 12. Well, aren't I storyteller!!!


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