Bow before Mr. Tomato, for He has arrived.

  • Bow before Mr. Tomato, for He has arrived. "Yoohoo, my first story! ............ hmmm,: cough cough: now what?"
  • Well,aren't you ADORABLE, Mr, Tomato! There is nothing to it, really.Just read each fold, carefully noting the clues to each story line.Use your imagination to write the next line
  • . Or you can just ruin it for everyone by writing infantile babble and/or disregard basic grammar. Your pick! Oh, and since you are a fruit that goes well with beef, mr tomato
  • it's time to mash you up into ketchup and dribble you on a nice piece of... Say, where are Mr. Beef & Mr. Potato Head? Chuck can you get those two prima donnas onto the set?
  • Chuck ran out to Mr Beef & Mr Potato Head's trailers but tripped on some carelessly laid cable and landed face first into Mr Snoode's burrito. OH&S on set was below standards
  • which meant of course that Mr. Snoode would be drunk during the filming. The director didn't mind it because it gave Mr. Beef and Mr. Potato Head something to work to with. It was
  • an explosive situation, as prone to a historically-proportioned disaster as it was to success. But he'd made his name taking risks. So he said "Drink up dear Snoode! Lights! Camera
  • and voguish wine stewards!" The crowd went silent. The creepy old man in the corner threw a banana at him and screamed, "He's a loon! GET HIM." The crowd mobbed him, throwing
  • cold chow mein without a thought as to the consequences. He died, lungs clogged with egg. The crowd lifted his battered body onto a bier and carried him to a burning ship sailing
  • into the midnight sun.There was great wailing & gnashing of teeth, for he really was a fine gentleman despite his poor judgment of Chinese food. Zaijian,friend. See you in the sky.


  1. SlimWhitman Jan 11 2014 @ 04:46

    Took just about a year, Mr. Tomoto for your first story to complete. But it turned into quite a saga. Mr. Tomato, are you there?

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