My name is Richard,

  • My name is Richard,
  • But nobody really cares, because no one sees. I am hidden from the naked eye of humans. For two hundred years, I lived a life where people always hit me, but never notices me.
  • Said the riddle inside the Christmas cracker. Boy - this was a tough one. Much harder than "my first is in sand, but not in sea". Benji scratched his head in dismay, as his father
  • removed his glass eye & replaced it with an extra Xmas tree lightbulb left on the coffee table. Benji's entire life was a riddle. Then his dad stuck his finger in a wall socket.
  • Benji hated his dad. His dad always ruined his good time by being alive. Benji would kill, no murder his father in a fantastic and artistically cruel way. Benji drank from his sipp
  • y cup that held enough vodka to get a giraffe drunk. Benji formulated a plan that would make John Gacy cringe. First, Benji would lure his dad into the circus tent by
  • offering to split a funnel cake. No one should eat a whole by themselves. Then Benji's dad will be surprised when the drunk giraffe is holding a spear gun and has a taste for blood
  • ,most Giraffes here are known for gang related violence. In fact, their gang is best represented by the statement "Giraffe gang will fuck you up". It is best advised to avoid them.
  • Some Giraffe gangs are quite nice, though. They set up little ice cream stands and offer you ice cream. It's a little awkward when you find out the cones are made of human skulls.
  • Time to call Dr temperance Brennan From the Jeffersonian, she will get to the bottom of this!


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