ITS OVER 9000 he yelled as a man kciked him

  • ITS OVER 9000 he yelled as a man kciked him off the cliff. just then the battle of memes has begun.
  • But them him got back on the cliff and said "U MAD?"
  • Then Frankenstein said, "No me like when you push me off cliff." He sat
  • reconciling the terrors he'd caused. The death of a child. Poignant tears fell on tattered cloth. Torch soot & ice cream lingered on the monster's his streaked & blackened fingers
  • stained so badly not even Oxy Clean could get them back to normal. He had the child's corpse taken to a taxidermist and stuffed, posed as a
  • monkey, dancing for an organ grinder. The public paid high prices to see the strange monkey but when it was found out it was a stuffed boy. They burned the place down and strung up
  • the organ grinder like a marionette. As for the stuffed boy, he regretted eating so much, as it gave him a stomach ache. Someone gave him some Remegel and that seemed to help.
  • He wandered around for a few hours, he seemed to be hungry he saw a
  • gourmet food truck. He walked up to the truck and ordered a chicken sandwich. "Dave?" someone asked, and he turned to see a woman he's never seen before approaching him. "Are you
  • Dave?" she asked again. He only stared at her, speechless and confused as to who this Dave was. He turned around, grabbed his chicken sandwich and sprinted away, not paying for it.


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