Yesterday as I was walking down the street

  • Yesterday as I was walking down the street when I found what looked to be a dollar but no , it was a rare foreign coin from which belonged to the bank....I went to return the coin
  • im wondering why didnt you keep the coin as memory since its a rare foreign coin
  • that gone wasnt really that vaulable to me it not really worth anything over here in the us idc if its a international coin i cant use so there no piont in me keeping it
  • in this awesome little rubbery coin purse that opens when you squeeze it and has the red carpet realty on the outside.
  • The special thing about my coin purse is every time I squeeze it & remove the contents it's something precious. Hmm.. wonder what's in there now. Hey! It's a car key..to a Ferrari!
  • Unfortunately, the Ferrari the key belonged to had been through both Hurricanes Katrina AND Sandy, as well as the Japanese earthquake and significant portions of the Iraq war. It w
  • as becomming the ultimate emergency response vehicle. Some might even say it was a super car. Not the Stig though because he didn't say anything he just drove the Ferrari to save
  • lots of money at the Costco across town. Stig blew his earnings on his Ferrari, so he had to buy goods at the common folk stores. His teacher's salary couldn't support gas or
  • anything really, 'cept he could still buy Ramen Noodles. Stig was just pulling his Ferrari into Costco to buy some when he spotted the other teachers huddled in a corner behind a
  • worker handing out samples of Stoat on a Stick. He bought 37 tonnes of ramen & left all but one for his fellow teachers. He snorted the spice pack off the hood, then collapsed.


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