his violent coughing fit was interrupted

  • his violent coughing fit was interrupted by something thick & wet being expelled into the rag he held over his mouth.
  • A ding dong
  • a ho-ho and a twinkie walk into a bar.
  • They get slobering drunk and head to a strip joint.
  • While there, Some chicks approach but seem to forget why they were even there...
  • "Umm... are you him?" said the gaggle of teens in unison. "Why, yes!" replied the aging rockstar. "Selfies!" they screamed blinding him with their flashes as he fell off the stage.
  • He woke up in a dark room...tied down...the fake teenagers surrounding him...surly, scowling. He tried to speak. He tried to sing. "I can't ...get nooo...satis...satisfaction..."
  • Is this what it has come down to...I'm playing life threatening sexual games with a few fake teenagers, and, on top of that, I'm doing Rolling Stones karaoke, in the dark, tied up?
  • The kids, lowering their voices in an attempt to pass as teenagers, said in unison, "If you kiss one of us, we will untie you." One prepubescent runt leaned in, mouth puckered. I w
  • As playing with words when I said it was okay on one condition: that the 24th note be A-sharp. The soprano agreed. I was free to leave and never returned. My mum smiled.


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