Oggy managed to reach the door without making

  • Oggy managed to reach the door without making too much noise. His heavy, bare feet pushing down the layers of wood. He pressed his ear to the door and held his

  • breath. It had been a long time since ha had waged war on the three cockroaches, ravaging his kitchen. Oggy was fed up of it. Oggy tensed as he gripped his gun and kicked the door.

  • The cockroaches fled, except one who was sitting in his bed after being turned into a teeny human, his prosterior legs dangling piteousley. Oggy spared him, but exterminated

  • the others without hesitation. The one left over screeched; watching his family dropping dead around him wounded him emotionally, and he continued to screech until he became tired.

  • Shrieking for the loss of your family and emotional stability was tiring. He waddled into a nearby barn, wishing he could turn into a penguin and forget this ever happened.

  • Instead Ted Cruz opened another airplane bottle of Malibu Rum and said, "To hell with it." He partially barfed in cocktail napkin and ate some more peanuts.

  • Trump looked towards the aisle in disgust & saw a flight hostess approaching, the next Mrs. Donald? His hair flagged her. "How 'bout an upgrade?" Sorry, Sir Capt. Obama asked all

  • bigots to stay in this area of the plane." "No, the captain said all the BISCUITS need to stay here," whispered another flight attendant. "I am not a Big Git," Donald Trump announc

  • Ed. He was on his way to a rally and was writing his next speech with his cat helping him by giving it her sniff of approval. All morons had to stay in the back or leave. That was

  • the rule, and he was not willing to negotiate on this point. He had to finally put his foot down, and his cat was there to support him as always.



  1. Magic May 25 2016 @ 21:01

    Haha, I think my favourite sentence is, "His [Trump's] hair flagged her."

  2. SlimWhitman May 26 2016 @ 16:13

    Thanks, it sort of suggested itself to me. I take only a follicle of credit.

  3. Magic May 26 2016 @ 19:56

    Lol, that's real punny.

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