I am trying as hard as I can, to destroy

  • I am trying as hard as I can, to destroy the old man's house but to no avail.
  • His glasshouse was stone-proof, waterproof, and futureproof. Try as I might, I could not get in. I could not destroy the old man's house.
  • So I went into the past and shot to death the contractor who was to build the old man's house. I taunted the old man across an infinity of parallel universes. He kept building hou
  • dini's escape hatches into his houses letting him slip into other universes where I'd failed to stop him. I disguised myself as a plumber & attached his pipes to a black hole
  • Luckily he believed my phony story about being a plumber, and I was free to disconnect his alternate universe portals.
  • And so I set forth, picking a yellow portal which seemed to be slowly grow ever so slightly. I would personally loved this place, if not for the fact that It lived here.
  • Luckily It was Out, probably at the 7-11 trying to distract the counter person with idle chatter while It crammed stale pastries down Its pants. It was such a twerp, anyway. But I
  • held myself in much higher esteem. I never needed to distract the 7-11 counter person while cramming pastries down my pants, I thought smugly as It ambushed me & stole my pastries!
  • The 7-11 manager accosted us:"We've been alerted about you. Need you two to pull down your pants." The joke was on the droid, I thought, unaware It had resnuck the pastries into MY
  • pockets. But I wouldn't give up. "These are cargo shorts, thus I can't pull down my pants." I left the droid in stunned silence and went on my merry way.


  1. Woab Dec 29 2017 @ 11:33

    All right! Good ending IrisKelley!

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