The assassin eyed the crowd, looking for

  • The assassin eyed the crowd, looking for her first target. He was a notorious man, wanted by the Organization for
  • multiple reasons - but especially because he was funding one of it's biggest enemies. The Organization sent one of it's best men for this job, after all. So, the assassin touched
  • down on the Rugby pitch, scoring a fantastic try. The crowd went wild. No-one expected a thing. The assassin leapt up, throwing an invisible glass shard through the air. The shard
  • deflated the rugby ball just as the scrum crunched.Where was the ball? Each side suspected the other had hooked it to their tight head prop.The scrum went pair shaped as the assasi
  • sins took the field. They didn't look like rugby players. They were dressed in black from head to foot. Only their eyes were visible. Nobody liked seeing that though. Coach Lubuck
  • was their commander and cardinal. He cantered up and down the pitch astride a patchwork steed made up of rotting human body parts, primarily elbows. He carried a flaming bugle and
  • blasted upon it by placing it against his rectum whenever he had gas (which was appallingly often), causing a huge flare to shoot from the bugle's horn, and singing the horse's bum
  • which was a grave mistake. The horse had too much hairspray in its mane and tail and ended up looking like a Rapidash. The Communist army laughed merrily at its distress. Wario
  • joined in with the Communist army's laughter. Mario and Luigi looked distressed, and began to wash down the horse to remove the hairspray. There was no way Wario was winning this
  • but in the end, he did. Mario and Luigi died and Kim Jong Un reigned supreme.


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