Marvin was surrounded by a sea of reporters.

  • Marvin was surrounded by a sea of reporters. "Please Mr. Matador, tell us what was the inspiration for your new song? Come to me was moving to us all." "Well there was a sandwich I
  • ordered when I was a wee little boy. It was the greatest sandwich of all time. Ever since that moment, I have never found its equal. And so I searched high and low for another
  • one like that. Many sadwiches were good but not as quite as good at that one. Why couldn´t I remember how it went did I put ham in it, or was it jam?did it have pickles I didn´t
  • like pickles. Or did I? Mustard? Onions? I tried to concentrate & started from scratch: 2 slices of sourdough, a slab of... I went blank. My sandwich amnesia was probably caused by
  • my flashbacks working undercover for the CIA (Culinary Institute of America.) I was a sleeper agent. I could make a sandwich on the spot, but only if I heard my trigger word
  • "Hefeweizen." Flash forward ten years - I'm deep undercover in Portland. Flannel? Check. Shorts? CHeck? Massive beard? Check. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) dossier said
  • portions must match the style, and I instantly regretted my skinny jeans. To the unsuspecting public, I inspected the food carts at Pioneer Courthouse Square, but the real job
  • I was hired for was to be a trendsetter. For instance, see this dead cat that I had my driver stop and pick up for me. If I start wearing it as an earring before long dead cat is a
  • Mere bounce in the stock market. I looked around for clues. And took notes. Plasticene flowers with looking glass eyes were taking notice of me when the air raid siren sounded.
  • They seemed to almost wilt at the sound, demanding of my in organic tongue that I solve their mystery. To no avail, the siren rang to fruition, ending with utter silence. No more.


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