You cant break up with me. We... I gave

  • You cant break up with me. We... I gave everything I had to you. How can you do this too me? She yelled. I'm sorry I said. It hurt to see her in pain. but what could i do?
  • She slapped me and hit me right in my face. He fell and he said 'I'm sorry if things do not force us to split up! " Then he run like a sissy to
  • His mistress. They did it.
  • The slave and his mistress had built a raft to float to freedom down the Mississippi. About a 1/2 hour on the ride they saw Huck Finn and his slave smoking pipes on the
  • the banks of the river. He knew Jim and he knew Jim was free with Huck. His eyes darted to his mistress and back to Jim. The paddle felt heavy in his hand. Her head looked soft.
  • And also misshapen. The heavy paddle could help complete a nice rearrangement of her face to match.
  • As the blunt, wooden implement slapped across her jawbone and cheek, the last thing she thought before everything went black was, (Did I remember to lock the front door?)
  • She woke up in the boot of a 2009 Prius. Thinking deeply, she did conclude that she forgot to lock the front door. People could steal her stuff! She had to do something. Kicking,
  • she found the latch wasn't closed. Thinking deeply she concluded her captor was just as forgetful as her. She found the key sticking in the door & said "pass it forward" & stole
  • a half bottle of rum, some bananas, and a bag of sugar. We whipped up some killer banana daiquiris which is exactly why I have such a pounding headache today. Pass the Advil, stat.


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