So there I was, making lunch for 3 screaming

  • So there I was, making lunch for 3 screaming boys when it happened! The oldest boy was running around with..
  • his toy dinosaur and a wizard appeared who wore a pointy hat that stood 6 feet above his head. He waved his staff and the dinosaur grew to life size.
  • He couldnt believe what had happened. He stood up with a huge smile on his face and said to the dinosaur...
  • "Ha ha, you will be extinct soon." The dinosaur laughed in his face, "Yeah right, we've been here for zillions of years. " The dinosaur opened it's jaws to chomp him.
  • Before the dinosaur could complete the process, he ran away from him and into a movie theater. The movie that was playing was Jurassic Park. He sat in a seat right next to . .
  • a sloth and greeted the sloth with a smile full of teeth. The sloth got scared and moved over one seat to find himself sitting next to
  • a large snake. It was also smiling with large fangs and
  • coloured scales. It was gliding toward me, targeting me. I stay still so that i don't get bitten by it.
  • I was buffeted over by the wind from its vast wings. The dragon settled onto my Prius and gazed at me with its jeweled eyes. "We have much to discuss, morsel."
  • Before I could respond, the dragon snatched me in his mighty jaws. How did I survive? Turns out he doesn't like the taste of tree-hugging hippie snobs.


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