“BOOM!”,a grenuke was blasted off in

  • “BOOM!”,a grenuke was blasted off in the middle of the third war games.The Wreckers were leading the match as they were the top 4 teams in the war games. The Shane gang were the..
  • team that everybody strove to beat in these war games. The past two years, they'd absolutely dominated the Herman gang and the Bob gang, which the Shane gang had everything to lose
  • the top position to. The less militant gangs at the bottom of the list, were the Weedledee Gang, the Gangnam Gang, and the Gang Bang Gang. But the absolute wargame looser were the
  • Transformers Gang, who would raise their fists into the air and shout in unison "Transform!", and then run off and get into their cars and drive away. They never won a single fight
  • with anyone - spoiler alert! - even themselves. Afterwards the whole gang sat for hours in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home. It was a very pedestrian affair
  • but they took out their frustrations later on by bashing into each other on the bumper car ride at Dillyland. A problem arose when Jennie's hair caught fire from an overhead spark.
  • Jennie was used to this, as she's had these sort of outings before. The fire extinguisher in her purse was three quarters of the way empty after the last overhead spark flew toward
  • extinction. She readjusted her sports bra and ran up in front of the old crew to let them know that they could take a breather. Her team was Point now. It was a testimony to how ti
  • me held no sway with her. Re-energized she turned to her team. "Alright! Everyone! Let's see who wears the lady girl panties in this race, huh?" A cheer rose up. "Are you with me?"
  • I was underwhelmed. A race to the bottom wasn't what I had in mind when I signed up for this job. My face must have betrayed me, for she then turned to me and gave me a whack in


  1. Woab Aug 30 2018 @ 15:27

    the boxer shorts. The End.

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