La soledad es una opresión constante de

  • La soledad es una opresión constante de noches oscuras y amargos atardeceres. Genera tanto dolor que
  • sólo la personificación de objetos al azar puede aliviar. El método más eficaz es encolado ojos saltones a rocas. Yo les doy caras tristes que reflejan mi soledad. ¡Qué divertido!
  • Said Che Guevera at the pic nic.
  • Che knocked another apple from the tree and bent down to pick it up. He was polishing it when a voice boomed, "HEY, give that back!" *Thwonk!* Something hit him hard.
  • Little did Che know that he had stumbled into the Magic Forest where the trees indeed are ALIVE! Not since the Wizard of Oz had the trees
  • thrown apples at him. Once they began loading up broken wine bottles, Che became worried. He commanded a legion of lumberjacks to enter the Magic Forest and
  • saw off Hagrid's beard. This proved a daunting task, especially as the latter had just upended a bowl of mollasses-laced porridge onto his maw along with eggs benedict on crumbcake
  • the mollasses, an even thicker version of traditional molasses, seeped deep into the unending strands of Hagrid's glorious bread...suddenly my barber blade felt grossly inadequate.
  • He leaned back for a shave and I hesitated. I stared at the unsharpened blade. "Whatcha waitin fer?" asked Hagrid with joviality. "Uhh" I stammered. My blade descended
  • into the matted wiry mass of dred becoming hopelessly entangled among myriad other souvenirs in his massive beard, runsible spoons, flagons, swords, wand fragments & a family owls.


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