I clicked my tongue. "Marcus, it really is

  • I clicked my tongue. "Marcus, it really is a shame we don't hate the same people. We would have made a great team." I could see the terror in his eyes as I loaded my gun and
  • twirled it on my finger nonchalantly. Marcus' face told the whole story. He backed away from me, slowly. "Where ya goin', Marcus, old buddy, old pal?" I asked, my gun now level.
  • Marcus was shaking in his boots now, beads of sweat dripping from his brow. I had him right where I wanted him. "I won't shoot you if you just admit it," I said, the gun pointed
  • at him. Marcus nervously weighed the odds. "O.k.," he finally began, "It's true I tortured to death everyone who mattered to you. Now keep your word & don't shoot me!" "Oh, I won't
  • shoot you Marcus. You're imagination sure is active but there is no need to get so melodramatic. Just take out the garbage like your mother requested." "But it smells like corpses
  • and rotten fish!" I wouldnt believe mother could kill someone. But all the evidence pointed to her. "There is no way i am touching that bag!" "Yes you are Marcus. Its just godddamn
  • monkfish, fresh from the market. See?" Martin ogled the tote and glimpsed a grayish pink, gelatinous mass wrapped in plastic. His mother pushed it into his hands
  • and ran to the bathroom to hurl. "Do I cook it or what, Ma?" Martin asked, but it was the fish that answered him. "Please release me into the river and I will grant you a wish."
  • I released the talking fish & wished for a million dollars. I got them in monopoly money. My Ma was furious. She beat me with the ugly stick until I looked like
  • Something the cat dragged in. It turned out monopoly money was passing for real money. My mum suddenly realised her mistake and did some research. We went to the library and found


  1. Rebbie Nov 17 2016 @ 19:07

    that we were now in another dimension of time and space. Do do, do do, do do, do do. LOL!

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