She was dripping with sarcasm, fragrant oils

  • She was dripping with sarcasm, fragrant oils and very little else. It was how he liked to see his girlfriend, but she would do for the night instead. If his clothes had been
  • washed within the past month or so, she might have been interested. "Are you French?" she asked. He returned her query with a puzzled look. She continued, "It's just that I can
  • tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. All of the French men I have known have been especially appreciative of this talent. Plus, I can make a particularly delectable
  • ice cream sundae, though I'll have to admit there is always a little saliva on the cherry at the end. The men have no trouble with this addition, but most of my friends feel
  • like Tammy Baker. A tawdry Southern lady with the chic of a dusty doily who is loved by the gay community. Well tonight, I am not praying to Jesus, I am going to throw
  • my own "Coming Out" party for my cat, Mr. Manx. It will be fabulous with individual plates of Fancy Feast and a female impersonator of Dolly Parton. I can't wait for
  • the six-breasted Double D cat bra for that feline Dolly Parton impersonator! Mr. Manx will love it for his "Coming Out" party. My pussy is just the
  • right size to make an impression on some cocky tomcat, with fur in all the right places & strategic glimpses of moist pink. Does Purina deal in caviar? Or should Mr. Manx's party
  • move to the penthouse? heh, cocky, hell yeah, I still got it. And daddy's ready to start giving it away. Mr Manx was ready to be a bad kitty and there was enough tail in the room
  • to enrage him. Who did they think they were, anyway, waving their saucy tails around? This is it, he thought, wrapping his paw around the detonator. "I shall be avenged!"


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