And I found myself behind the wheel of a

  • And I found myself behind the wheel of a large automobile, living in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife, and I asked myself how did I get here? Oh yeah, I just had to
  • burn down the house. I'm just an ordinary guy. My house, is out of the ordinary. That's right don't want to hurt nobody. Here's your ticket pack your bags. We're on a ride to nowhe
  • re fancy. As I pass the ticket, the house lifts off the ground and takes off at warp speed. Yes, I am just an ordinary guy. My intergalactic house allows me to see the universe and
  • my microwave doubles as a laser cannon (but please remove the frozen burritos before activating the weapons feature). My wife doesn't approve of my fascination with those gals from
  • the carnival freakshow. She is fine if I have the occasional affair but only with someone more attractive than her, proportioned, complete. Her logic is baffling, but since she is
  • an Avatar she is also blue. You see, before I married this Avatar, she told me we could have an "open" marriage. But once I said, "I do," she said, "Oh, no you don't."
  • It seemed that as an Avatar, cheating was an expected and very ordinary occurrence. Not that I would ever imagine myself cheating on her. But as she was the one who suggested
  • spicing up the relationship.He dusted off the 3D printer and selected "Tentacle Monster."Waiting for the Avatar to form,he considered the implications of cheating on her with her.
  • He reasoned that it was more of an extended masturbation. Everyone knew blow up dolls don't count as cheating so sex with a 3D printed Tentacle Monster should be fine, just fine.
  • He went to the AV room to print the sexy 3D tentacle thing but found family & friends waiting for him. He decided to quit his addiction, repairing the connections with loved ones.


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