After a night of timeless dreams, I leave

  • After a night of timeless dreams, I leave and awaken to a day of timeful continuity. After a lifetime of continuity, I leave and awaken to the timeless world above, unfathomable
  • : is the word I would use to describe the afterlife. I hope there is one, and I hope it's good, but I'm not sure I believe, and I wonder if I should?
  • For if I believe in nothing, yet don't believe in something, then is the belief all for nothing or will something come of it? Somehow, I managed to create something out of nothing
  • . You see, nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever will. So something in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good. Capt. Von Trapp gazed lovingly into Maria's
  • innocent face in the photo. Maria was so young, so beautiful. Capt. Von Trapp knew he had to reach her. I will call on my therapists (9 of them) and make an escape vehicle out of
  • old therapy couches, cheeto wrappers and duct tape. Therapists are incredibly savvy-which is good because someone as innocent as Maria deserves to be rescued. The mission would not
  • be easy. Maria's innocence was not just a barrier to her captors but it would protect itself from us as well until it didn't see us as a threat. We could win the battle & lose the
  • virginity, but in doing so, the world would lose the power of Maria's innocence. We had to consider that. We considered it for a moment before someone's libido broke the sound
  • barrier and started humping everything in sight. Maria’s innocence was in jeopardy, until a brave soul tackled the humper, tied up his arms and legs, and shoved him in the bathtub.
  • Had they only made sure the tub was EMPTY. Its sole occupant emitted shrill squeals as the humper demonstrated how unreliant humping is on arms & legs & qualifying for AGT to boot.


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