The Monroes were a strange family. We called

  • The Monroes were a strange family. We called them the 'Munsters'. They had a zombie doorstop that tried to grab you when you rang their skull knocker. But a dare was a dare
  • and the kid we called Tubsters had something to prove. We were just messin' around, I swear! Sure, the Monroe family was creepy, but... We're sorry, Mizz Tubsters! We didn't
  • mean to wash your car with Ajax. Mizz Tubsters stared us with the blackest, meanest, most hateful pair of
  • glass eyes I'd ever seen. Officer Bucktoe later arrested Mizz Tubster for driving under the influence but she was released without charge due to lack of evidence. The Ajax was
  • sitting down when he heard the phone ring. He waited, hoping somebody else would pick it up, before trumbling off to answer the phone. "Is this The Ajax?" came the voice on the
  • line. "Yes," he replied somewhat nervously.."how may we assist you today?" He sat and waited for a reply, and finally after waiting what seemed like forever, a faint voice said "
  • "I have something ..." "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" he responded, still nervous. "I have something stuck in ... in my ... " Impatient now, he demanded, "In your what?!"
  • "In my belly button! In my belly button..." I trailed off, embarrassed. "There is something stuck in my belly button and I don't know what to do." He looked at me, then at my belly
  • And said, "you're the creative type and love folding stories. There are a thousand folding stories in there, just waiting to be started." I knew he was right. I love folding
  • both stories and clothes. Some people might say my love of laundry is odd, but hey, that's their problem. I will continue to be a lover of both English and clothes.


  1. SlimWhitman Apr 21 2016 @ 14:32

    Apparently the center of your folding creativity is your belly button. This begs the question, "Is folding stories navel gazing?".

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