The protesters gathered outside the palace,

  • The protesters gathered outside the palace, chanting "The End is HERE!" many people had no idea what the large crowd was doing, It was a great day to be on Alderaan! The Birds were
  • everywhere and nowhere. It was epic. The Alderaan police chief threw donut crumbs at them, but this only encouraged them. They swarmed by the hundreds around the palace gate.
  • Grand Manager Organa Houl Thoods Maar Kiit knew it was only a matter of time before the fast food junkies stormed the palace gates. Even the Alderaan police refused to eat linseed
  • crickets a la crepuscule. Ixobeleq croutomangers emitted "I'm your boogie man" from their surreptitious spiracles, and poor ole Paul bobbed his head in the Atreides food court on S
  • almonella Minor. There was a minor commotion as the recently exiled ex-Emperor Trumpov emerged with his coterie to buy proton shakes. His beautiful deep-fried hair coated with
  • quarks and atoms blew softly,as his face contorted and became redder and redder. Ex-Emperor Trumpov declared war on his ex-Country which would lead to the inevitable World War Free
  • dom Fight. Sure of his cause Ex-Emperor Trumpov lit fires around the imperial turrets and downed the towers. Legions of feral mountain cats were released in the court yards. It was
  • Hell on Earth in Hell that day, but it was worth it when Ex-Emporer Trumpov was carried away by flying monkeys and dropped into a volcano. Then the heavens opened and down came
  • the No Bills Larger Than A $10,000 Please. Nothing yet official but everybody knew that was one of the first things any coup would take care of right out of the gate. Subway riders
  • Couldn't bring any more plastic water bottles onboard lest the ex felons on the cleanup crew fill them with arsenic. Felon Frank's coronary logs showed a lot of dead ex felons.


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