There were qualities about the woman that

  • There were qualities about the woman that only he could see. She never wore makeup, yet looked amazing in the morning without effort. Her smile lit a table, but not a room.
  • She made him special and she was his blessing. That no one else could see her beauty was her curse. His qualities were poor. He looked like a bed at a no-tell motel and his smile
  • was as crooked as his soul. He planned to use her up in his little game, thinking he could always find another. He failed
  • to bottle up these evil plans and so Steve Harvey decided to use Family Feud to take the soul of this nice married woman so he could eat it. Eating the life force made his mustache
  • tingle with excitement over what deliciously evil deeds they both were up to. "Finish the job!", the moustache would whisper to him. Steve calmed it down by combing it,
  • the glorious facial hair purring in pleasure as the comb wound its way through the fibers of its being. "Alright", the stache told its owner, "you may kill him how you'd like"
  • suddenly clowns appeared. dozens and dozens of clowns. some of them on segways that swooped about the room in a not very threatening but unbalanced fashion.
  • Jimmy hopped out of one clown's way, only to stumble into another. Pretty soon, he was on the floor, trapped in a stampede of neverending clownhood.
  • He dodged, whirling, ducking arms and giant clown shoes, but to no avail. He was surrounded. Folding his arms in tight, he started spinning. At top speed, he extended his arms! BAM
  • , he had struck a concrete wall. He awoke in bed in a shouting fit, then suddenly realizing it was all a dream. "Everything alright?" asked his lover Bucky. "Yes", he replied. End.


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