The rain started to bang against the aluminum

  • The rain started to bang against the aluminum chimney vent - clank, clank, clank. He looked up and wondered
  • if that was where he had left his Monkey Wrench. And if so, what was making it clank against the vent. A whooshing sound had him off his feet and
  • dancing in no time. He loved Dance Dance Revolution on his Wii - the telltale whoosh at the beginning of his favorite number made him tingle in a way he hadn't felt since
  • well not since he had that dodgy curry back in '84. But he kept on dancing. Some days he even wore his blue sparkly unisex one piece with the bell bottoms. Had to let it out at
  • night because it had a curse on it that made it turn from an innocent unitard to a viscous
  • fuzzy character resembling a possum. Words spoken with a very soft voice making one think the character was harmless. The phrase "never judge a book by its cover " comes to mind.
  • His version of playing possum was charming his way into your heart, then turning the words that warmed their way in into knives that cut on their way out. His beady possum eyes
  • hinted at the deadly nature of his game, its a possum eat possum world out there doll, you need someone to look out for you and I'm one mean possum, stick with me babe and it will
  • smooth sailing from here. With that the Hillbilly pimp popped the collar under his overalls. He had bucked teeth, freckled cheeks, copenhagen in his jaw and no shoes, so the hooker
  • started to such on his toes,and don't be mistaken:they were beautyfull,long toes,with well taken care of nails and no hair.But that would be all that she would suck on him,yes sir


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