Once upon a time, a princess who was very

  • Once upon a time, a princess who was very revealing, she did not like to wear dresses, heels, jewelry or crowns, she liked to bring pants, tennis, play soccer, nintendo..
  • Some nasty boys saw her nintendo hanging out of her pants & had some nasty thoughts that they had all by they ownselves. She didn't put them nasty thoughts there. Why they looking?
  • Why indeed? But her guardian angel, who wore blue overalls, a red cap, and white gloves to keep incognito, watched over her and rescued her from all manner of fiend.
  • But one day, Peach (for she liked to call herself Peach) was taken by a large demon disguised as a turtle. But the guardian angel found mushrooms that made him grow larger, and he
  • could not really help Peach as the demon had hidden her into his turtle shell where it was really dark and damp; however, this didn't stop her guardian angel from looking for her
  • and giving Peach the power to either become another guardian angel or escape from this turtle shell. She said." Hmm i pick
  • escaping this turtle shell! It's getting real sweaty in here!" Peach was released from her prison, her wish granted.
  • And all the little peach trees of the world blossomed as one, and from each bloom floated a little peach baby, wafted on the sweet scent. Peach gathered them into her castle and
  • stuffed them into a smoothiemaker. Recently Peach had made up her mind to live a healthier life and those sweet juicy peach babies were the perfect source of vitamin that she neede
  • d to help her brain get back in shape. Now maybe she would actually remember which castle she was supposed to be in.


  1. SlimWhitman May 03 2020 @ 08:26

    Tried to pull this one out of the gutter, and i think it was successful. A peachy and wholesome story... reminds me a bit of Spambaby.

  2. LordVacuity May 03 2020 @ 10:59

    Pretty cool how it came around to her being a princess again; assuming we're talking about the same Princess Peach who torments Mario so.

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