I stopped to consider what I was about to

  • I stopped to consider what I was about to partake in. If I went with it, this could be life changing for me. "Well, what do you say?"
  • "Go for it." I said. I pushed back the bubble wrap and wedged myself into the packing crate. I checked that I had a bag lunch and plenty of air holes. They hammered the lid shut.
  • The crate rocked to and fro as they carried it onto the truck. Inside the crate, I leaned back into the bubble wrap and got comfortable. There was a bump as it was lowered onto
  • the bed, then another bump as the truck was loaded onto the cargo ship. Wait -- ship?!? I jumped up from the bubble wrap and leaped to the back. Shore was slowly receding. I had
  • nothing to lose so I peeled off my human form and left it steaming on the poop deck. I was a newly emerged pupa and needed a sheltered corner to inflate my kangarooadon body with
  • some helium in my pouch. The Kangarooadon body filled with gas, and I floated inside it. In this animal form I could hop on over to the next Smoke District where Det. Manatee
  • and Dr.Goat were trying to solve the latest string of murders. But despite Det. Manatee's sharp mind and Dr.Goat's psychology background, they had no idea who the Cereal Killer was
  • . But Cap'n Crunch had seen a shady character wielding a Razor Bran and running away from the crime scene. He'd carefully followed the trail of 2% milk all the way to
  • To the leprechauns hideout. "After me lucky charms again are ye, Cap'n Crunch?" the little man asked, slashing at him with his Razor Bran."You're not part of a balanced breakfast!"
  • The leprechaun stopped abruptly. "Cap'n, I'm deeply hurt! I have 8 essential vitamins and minerals just like you!" "You do?" Catching the Cap'n off guard, he fatally wounded him.


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