I was bored one day, so I decided to go to

  • I was bored one day, so I decided to go to the top a skyscrapper and jump off. I said my goodbyes to the world and jumped. On the way down in mid-air something amazing happened...
  • a MAGICAL snail flew up from below me and caught me ! The snail said , "You will thank me later for this ." I was so amazed and frightened at the same time , I didnt know what to
  • do, should I pour salt on him or should I
  • Put some pepper on it. You see, the thing is.. I love salt, but im allergic to it. Pepper is
  • the worst vegetable you can give to a kid
  • is brussle sprouts. They even look nasty slimy small green balls of yuck. Every kid who has these would say
  • that brussle sprouts are the most amazing vegetable in the world. They give you all kinds of needed things for your body and
  • they taste disgusting. They are like lumps sitting on your plate that people want you to eat as a kid. They say your going to grow up "big and strong" but instead...
  • when I ate them they made me thow up I did'nt know what to do on one hand my mother was saying how good they were for you but on the other I knew how bad they were...
  • if i kept eating them, and i knew that i would turn into a fire-breathing cricket.


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