To get to the root of the problem I was going

  • To get to the root of the problem I was going have to remove each of my fingers. I had stolen a cleaver from the local butcher and my plan was to start with my left pinky. It was
  • a job that had to be done. It had only just begun....
  • I laced up my sneakers and left before I could change my mind
  • It was all or nothing. I was determined to get
  • that clown to give me
  • his nose. It was orange, square, and shot out lemon jelly when squeezed. It was his ultimate
  • disappointment. You see, his one weapon could only be used on butterflies, who where all allergic to lemon jelly. But only once had his life been threatened by a butterfly, when
  • was going for a jog and a giant butterfly crossed his path, tripping him into the street in front of on coming traffic. Once he was able to stand
  • he leaped and grabbed hold of the underside of the butterfly's abdomen, missing the oncoming 18-wheeler's speeding grill by mere inches. Once righted upon the giant butterfly, he
  • felt something jabbing into his back. Before he could question whether it was an aedeagus or an ovipositor, he was knocked out, strapped to the butterfly's back. To be continued?


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