For Godsake, keep your eyes open.

  • For Godsake, keep your eyes open.
  • "If you close them. They will know and you know what happens if they know." My brother was an annoying cus. He made up these creatures that come in your sleep just to
  • pluck your nostril hairs. They use them for building their houses, much like birds use sticks to make their nests.
  • Sure enough in the morning while dusting I discovered a delicate nest woven of wiry nostril hairs and silvery snot. A cluster of shiny black eggs like a spider eye nestled there
  • and as I watched with a mixture of horror and pride, little tiny baby noses began to hatch from the eggs. Pretty soon they were turning red and I could hear their plaintive wails.
  • I hit paydirt. My patent pending hatching noses hit the market just as more and more people, mostly relative, started taking the noses of babies. Demand for my product was instant.
  • I was making money hand over fist. A year later, I became a billionaire. Financially secure, I can no longer deny my yearning for revenge. I shall return my country to democracy!
  • My enthusiasm, slowly waned as I realized, even as a billionaire, while I could buy companies and manipulate individuals, the system was far more complex than one person alone coul
  • d fathom. Having billions also meant being famous, and I had no need for fame. In fact, I became rich only to attract the ladies and catch up on all the screwing I’d missed. Whenev
  • er I get a hankering for a good screwing; I resist the urge to rape (something I did relentlessly before I made my first billion) & go straight for my wallet. Waste not, want not.


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