Black beans, black beans, have you any wool?

  • Black beans, black beans, have you any wool? Yessir, yessir, uracil.
  • Adenine had a new girlfriend now. He had left his ex, Thymine, for a black bean loving gal name Uracil. She had wool too! However, Thymine soon grew jealous of the two and plotted
  • something vague. Quite vague. So vague that you have already forgotten it. Just because I'm found doesn't mean I was ever lost. Somebody on the street told me I looked like Uracil.
  • "Who is Uracil? What is a street? What is Somebody? What is looked? What had Somebody done to me?" I felt like something terrible had been done to me, something taken, or someone.
  • "You get a bit too philosophical for my taste when you're drunk," Billy laughed, taking a swig of his 'Weiser. "If by taste you are referring to your personal stance on aesthetics,
  • then I would say to you what Heidegger once said to a friend who asked him if he considered truth to be beauty or vice versa." Billy took another swig and continued, "He said that
  • you're ugly and your old lady is a cow!" That comment soon landed Billy flat on his back on the bar room floor, where he would have wound up sooner or later. The bartender
  • Said, "Blimey! Even Elsie would know better than to let you drive home!" Det. Manatee and the seamonkeys were called by the bartender to clean up the mess created by the patrons
  • and the hippopotamuses. Caligula came in to the bar just then with his usual rabble-rousing crew, demanding service. "Oy!" he shouted rudely. "'oo 'ere thinks they can best me at a
  • game of snap!" "I can," said the blind man. The patrons gasped. "Alright, old man. Let's see what you're made of." Predictably, the blind man lost, due to his blindness.


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