"What on earth are you doing? Get up from

  • "What on earth are you doing? Get up from there!" my mom hollered. I pressed my eye into the sidewalk crack. I could see things! People! An entire universe! They beckoned me...
  • When I trace it back now, I'd say that was the point I finally cracked. They step of a crack, break your mother's back, but I was convinced entire civilizations were being destroye
  • d. All because of the result of the Caveman Crisis. No one know how it started. But all of a sudden people's minds started regressing. They spoke in grunts and wrote on cave walls.
  • The aliens can evolve upgrades like “Cloaking” and “Scent of Fear”, and can change lifeforms to run on walls, fly, and even devour marines whole. The Cavemen were not impressed.
  • "I'm sorry, Johnny, but upgradeable aliens are just not that interesting a game concept to us. You see, we here at Cave Gaming Co, also known as Cavemen, find the idea... boring."
  • "Johnny, our top selling game controller is two sticks for "Fire Hero." You will be the lead designer for Wheelcraft. See that Grog shows you back to your cubicle."
  • Wow. I never thought I would ever head up a project. Especially a game like Wheelcraft. I'm going to need motion capture of the handicaps so we can animate all the combos in the ga
  • me. The trouble was getting enough paralytic geriatrics to volunteer without breaking state laws about informed consent. The first stop was the nursing home. I was greeted by
  • A gentleman who was a trained masseur. He had learned from the masters and told me to follow him. I had to pur a blindfold on and hold his hand. Where was I?
  • Jessop, Watson & I were nearly stumped. "A massage parlor, or psychopath's basement" "No" "A lighthouse - the blindfold, you see?" "Guess again" We refreshed our highballs instead.


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